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Royal Glo was founded and created by Celue Yeatta Doe, a Liberian born entrepreneur,  humanitarian, activist and doting mother of one. Upon the birth of her infant daughter Emma J in 2013, Celue experienced the great need of natural and organic products that were both harmless and effective on her infant’s delicate skin and body.

Like most new mothers, she experienced the helplessness and frustration caused by her child’s enduring dry skin condition, including her lips and scalp. Nothing she had tried, many of which was recommended by her child’s pediatrician seemed to work! Her daughter’s skin experienced such immense dryness  that her lips would often crack and bleed. As a mother this was very heartbreaking especially times that her child would be in such pain.

With her child’s health and wellness being her total focus, Celue embarked on a journey of research to find the elixir and treatment for her aforementioned troubles. This endeavor lead to her creation of several natural homemade remedies sourced from nature’s best that made such remarkable difference in the complete rejuvenation of her child’s hair and body. She also realized the immediate difference, luster and improvement in her own body, facial countenance and hair. As someone who was already making the effort of living a natural and organic lifestyle prior to motherhood,  the birth of her child only piqued her desire to live better and do better.

In view of foregoing, Celue has done extensive research over the last 3 years on the best the earth has to offer for our overall health, skincare, and hair. She is a strong believer given the fact that everything we needed to care for ourselves is provided naturally on the planet earth by God.

She partnered up with some of the industry best naturopathic practitioners, health & living experts and organic lifestyle cosmetologists. As a consequence, she formulated the best winning  combination of organic oils and butters to create premium natural products that would not only clean and moisturize  the skin but providing protection against UV A and UV B rays, Cancer, Bacterial infections as well as viruses. The formulated ingredients have been buttressed by further scientific studies and research including the John Hopkins University Research Center.Ultimately, the collective hard work and vision has culminated in extraordinarily excellent and premium products that will not only leave you with a beautiful glowing skin but healthy skin as well. We thank each and everyone of you for your time, endorsement and support in making the Royal Glo brand a global success. You too can enjoy the essence of that beautiful Royal Glo lurking within.
  • Formulated Ingredients 95%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%
  • Research & Development 85%
  • Brand Strategy 90%